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Other Highland Lakes Retirement Communities

A view of Lake LBJ from a hill in Sunrise Beach
A view of Lake LBJ from a hill in Sunrise Beach

There are more than 25 retirement communities scattered throughout the Highland Lakes area with most being waterfront communities.  Some have as few as 10 homes while others have in the hundreds.

People retire in the Highland Lakes area for several different reasons.  One of the main reasons is the mild winter climate.  People also like the easy going, friendly attitude of the people in the Highland Lakes area.  Just about everyone in the area came here from somewhere else, so it is easy to fit in and be immediately accepted by the residents.  You will never feel like a stranger or a newcomer here.

Quite a few of the people moving to the area like boating, fishing, golf and the wildlife in the area.  There is an abundance of different types of birds which pleases the birdwatchers.  We are in the mirgatory path of many types of birds like whooping cranes, snow geese, pelicans, hummingbirds, etc.

People come from miles around each spring to see the wildflowers that cover the fields in the Highland Lakes area.  You will not believe the beauty of the wildflowers until you have actually seen them.  The Highland Lakes area is like a paradise in the springtime when the flowers are in bloom.

Everyone loves the wildlife here. The whitetail dear are plentiful and in some areas they are very tame. There are also armadillos, ringtails, raccoons, rabbits, foxes, skunks and opposums.

The prices of homes are reasonable with a range from $55,000 up to over $1,000,000 depending on the area a person wishes to live in. There are homes and condos for sale along the golf courses, on the waterfront, or with views of the lakes and hills. You can choose from the wide range of housing available or you can select a lot and have a builder build your dream home for you.

Shopping is easy with stores in the local towns and Austin is only 50 to 60 miles away.


BUCHANAN DAM AREA....There are several small communities with a Buchanan Dam mailing address. Most have from 15 to 40 homes in each community. Some of the communities on the west side of the lake are: Floyd Acres, Golden Beach, Greenwood Acres and Geola Estates. Each of these communities has waterfront property and a community boat launch. They have a community water system, electricity and cable TV available in each area. Each area also has zoning restrictions.

Farther to the north on the west side of the lake is the Bluffton area, Paradise Point and Tow.

There are also retirement communities on the east side of the lake. One of these is Cassie, a lakefront community

The total population around Lake Buchanan is probably around 2,000 people.


Inks Lake has a few retirement communities along the lakefront. One community is The Willows at the bridge on Hwy 29. It is an attractive community with a fantastic view of Lake Buchanan. There are other communities on both the east and west side of the lake.

Shore at Sandyland Resort


Lake LBJ is a longer lake like Lake Buchanan and has more retirement communities surrounding the lake.

The three largest populations on the lake are: Kingsland with about 3,500 people, Horseshoe Bay with 2,000 people and Granite Shoals with 800 people.

Other communities include: Highland Haven, Sunrise Beach, Deer Haven and Blue Lake. There are also other smaller communities scattered along the lake.

Lake LBJ is a "constant level" lake and there are many of the more expensive homes on the waterfront with boathouses with automatic boatlifts. The most expensive homes are in the Horseshoe Bay area.

View of Lake LBJ from Blue Lake
Looking out at Lake LBJ from the park in Blue Lake


The two communities on Lake Marble Falls are the City of Marble Falls and the gated golf community of Meadowlakes.

The city of Marble Falls is the shopping hub for the Highland Lakes area and also serves as a bedroom community for people who work in Austin and drive to work from the Marble Falls area. It is an area that is growing fast and is prospering because of Austin's booming economy only 45 miles away. The population currently is around 5,500 people.

Meadowlakes is primarily a retirement community on the waterfront that attracts mostly golfers. Most of the homes are either on the waterfront or back up to the golf course. Meadowlakes is next to Marble Falls and is separated from Marble Falls only by the gate and fencing around the community.

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